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The leadership style of Jeff Bezos is one of the most exciting business topics. The secrets of this person, who is the wealthiest person in the world with a fortune of 143 billion dollars, in running a company are available in this article.

➤ I have studied Bill Gates and Steve Jobs before, and I have told you their secrets.

➤ You have probably shopped at least once through Amazon. Jeff Bezos, the owner of this American multinational technology company focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence, gave the CEO seat to Andy Jassy on July 5, 2021.

➤ What is the character of the owner of Amazon, which was founded on July 5, 1994? If you want to administer a company like Bezos, you have to be like him. As a result, now, you are a Jeff Bezos himself!

“Invention is by its very nature disruptive. If you want to be understood at all times, then don’t do anything new.”

The Leadership Style Of Jeff Bezos

➤ This individual runs his own company with a charisma of transformational and task-oriented leadership.

➤ In order to achieve your organizational goals, you must inspire and motivate your team.

➤ Model good performances and work efficiently towards the organization’s goals.

➤ Believe and trust everybody in your team. Their capabilities, skills and instincts must be the ultimate insurance to you! Also, be sure that everyone understands your company’s vision.

➤ Provide necessary training sessions, beneficial guidance, valuable mentorships, and high-level motivations to help your team complete tasks beautifully.

➤ Have an undeniable passion and vision. Build a customer-centric company to solve people’s problems. Never lose your customers’ trust.

➤ Make you and your employees work towards realizing a collective purpose.

Leadership style of Jeff Bezos

➤ Be relentless against setbacks. No matter how difficult the work is, it would be best to address your team with the image of never giving up as your actions, beliefs, and values significantly affect your team’s performance.

➤ Capitalize on a two-pizza rule. Each team must be consist of a number that two pizza boxes can feed. 

➤ By establishing small teams, you can facilitate team management and double your effectiveness. This tactic also applies to meetings, discussions, and feedback sessions because you can quickly exchange information with fewer people.

Do not sacrifice long-term value for short-term profits!

Bestubborn on vision and flexible on details, as Jeff Bezos says.

➤ Always define your customers as the top priority. If you want to be like this person, let the people who pay for your products outrank your meetings or even your team! Like him or not, this is his mentality.

➤ Be motivated by feelings of justice and egalitarianism. Focus on your work in a rational, principled, and judgmental manner.

Jeff Bezos

➤ Being innovative should be like drinking water for you. It is not easy to follow Bezos, who has equipped his life with innovations, from developing a particular alarm against his annoying siblings to launching an e-retailing website.

➤ You can’t be Jeff Bezos without taking into account all the possibilities and risks (in a calculated manner). Make it a habit to make decisions based on your evaluations, and do not make arbitrary decisions.

➤ Believe in Regret Minimization Theory. Accept suffering now to enjoy in the future, and lessen the impact of your regret by standing behind your investments.

➤ Look back at the time from your future self, and assess situations you would regret the most. Always create drafts and plans. 

➤ If you believe what is needed at the moment, concentrate on that need and design your innovations accordingly. Be a staunch experimentalist.

➤ Always be hungry to be competitive and destroy. Relentlessly eliminate your fellow competitors with shocking price cuts, unexpectedly lucrative promotions, if necessary.

Jeff Bezos leadership

➤ Simplify the messages you deliver with deep thinking, strong communication duo.

➤ Try to understand a subject better with the Feynman Technique: study it, teach it, go back to study with an intense focus, fill the gaps, and simplify it (try to tell about your subject to six-year-old children and make them understand).

➤ Know your market and prefer to have a dull product for the market than it is to have a good product for no market philosophy as you will learn the market’s dynamics by being a failure.

➤ Introduce yourself, your company, and your products wherever you can. Be very careful with timing!

➤ Hire talented, productive, and dedicated workers and assign them positions that they think they would do their best. Progress is imperative in every industry!

➤ Always insist on high standards by thinking big. Work less, accomplish more via restrictions that improve creativity, resourcefulness and self-sufficiency. Be active everywhere, from your lowest level units to your highest level units. Indicate that you respectfully disagree with ideas you do not believe in. Fully support the ideas you believe in. Let it be your ultimate goal to deliver at the highest quality and on time.

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