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➤The leadership style of Steve Jobs has been discussed a lot in recent years because he had an unusual personality.

The famous innovator passed away in 2011 and is considered one of the pioneers of the computer industry.

There are millions of people who welcome the success of this person, who also worked as a manager in world-famous companies such as NeXT and Pixar.

➤ Welcome to the simulation of being like Steve Jobs himself. Let’s take a look at what qualities you have as your are Steve Jobs right now! If you were this person, what qualities would you have? What should you do to act according to his management approach?

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

The Leadership Style Of Steve Jobs

Like Bill Gates, he would rather not tell competent employees what to do. Instead, he would like to hire them and see how they can contribute to the company. Use this way for your company.

If you want to be like this individual, you must be reluctant to delegate. Be stingy with delegating power because, according to Jobs, you are an employee as well, and you earn a salary. This is true whether you are the boss or the manager. Work hard and do not share your powers too much with others.

Combine two unlikely ideas. This should be the definition of innovation for you. Steve Jobs combined calligraphy and technology for Apple’s design.

Note that there is no question of a revolution. Your main goal is to create a brand new and remarkably useful (attractive user-interface, easy-to-use platform) system with two unique ideas available at the revolutionary level.

Leadership style of Steve Jobs

➤ Find a problem and bring a solution. Steve Jobs found that the technology was not user-friendly and aesthetically lacking, and he identified this as a problem and solved this problem with calligraphy.

➤ Always be the captain of the ship. Get your hands dirty and work. Do not just sit in your chair and expect miracles from your employees. Do not rule at the brutal dictatorship level either (except in exceptional circumstances). Empower and inspire your personals: be meticulous and permeate across your mission statement to all employees of your workforce.

Always keep your employees informed, keep their morale high and support your customers with this power. Forget running things remotely! Steve Jobs always provided feedback and impressed people with crucial examples.

Keep the creatives away from the critics. Let your teams improve your company without getting discouraged. Separate the critics from the creators. Provide a close-knit and goal-focused environment.

Steve Jobs leadership

Remove any unnecessary product or service from your portfolio. Stop wasting your time with everything unnecessary, outdated and expensive that cannot justify its production.

Build products and services that are minimalist, simple to use, and intuitive. As Bill Gates said, focus on the things you know best. Give vital importance to technology and design as Steve Jobs.

Embrace your work and company with unwavering passion. Be different; rebel against the status quo when necessary. Step outside the box and show your aversion to social norms.

You have to be an autocratic leader. You will adopt my way or the highway philosophy. At the end of the day, you will make the final decision and implement it. You will form your team with people like you. Be a perfectionist (divine discontentment until you get what you want) and demanding one.

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