The benefits of Evergreen Content are one of the most neglected wonders of digital marketing that business blogs can benefit most from. Many companies never realize their potential because of this situation and stay where they are.

In this article, I explained what Evergreen Content is, but of course, my focus is on talking about its benefits. One of the principles of Ege Erkek is to provide you with the most applicable content in the shortest way.

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“As the founder of this very important life of yours, you must decide to do less, to do your most important things.”

The Definition Of Evergreen Content

It is the name given to the content that never loses or gradually increases its usefulness and makes you profit from it month to month, year to year or period to period, thus maintaining or increasing its value.

Of course, this name is not a coincidence given to content that is suitable according to search engine optimization guidelines, that users can use continuously, and that can maintain its permanence. These types of articles have declared their immortality in a way that boosts your long-term website traffic, your brand awareness and your income considerably.

Today, it is considered impossible for a news article that catches up on the agenda but whose trend level becomes zero after a certain point to be evergreen content because it does not provide regular website traffic. Articles covering content such as fashion, design or marketing always get beaten by time. This includes statistical reports because statistics change over time.

The benefits of Evergreen Content
The benefits of Evergreen Content have now proven themselves indisputably.

The following types of content are styles that can turn into Evergreen Content:

  1. “Best” or “Worst” Lists
  2. “How Is It Done?” Videos 
  3. “How To Use?” Videos
  4. Descriptions & Recipes
  5. Tips & Tricks
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Product Reviews
  8. Ratings & Promotions Of Products
  9. Losing Weight
  10. Business & Career
  11. Love & Romance
  12. Saving & Making Money
  13. Child Care 
  14. Pet Care
  15. Lifestyle Content
  16. Baby Health
Evergreen Content Examples
Evergreen Content examples are below.

Whether or not the content that falls under the category of Evergreen Content should be as detailed as it used to be is a hot discussion topic because the attention span that people can devote to something has decreased considerably. Still, longer articles are generally more valuable, according to Google.

The Benefits Of Evergreen Content

Top Rankings & High Quality

Content defined as an evergreen is always a high-quality asset as users find solutions to their problems with such publications and are informed very well. In addition to this, an evergreen content is not affected by trends and time. It is always at the top ranks on search engines and remains there because visitors constantly prefer it.

Being a Consistent A High Traffic Source

This content, which is the favourite of search engines, is always shown to users, thus ensuring that you constantly get a high-volume traffic. The high ranking provides an endless amount of traffic to your website.

Converting Visitors (Leads) To Regular Customers

This type of content, which is continuous, allows you to gain stable customers. A blog article providing constant traffic will make many people trust your services and ideas. As a result, potential customers may want to buy a service from you. Do not you shop from places you trust in your daily life, do you?

Making Small Changes Appeal to Big Audiences

You can adapt your evergreen article to today by replacing the year 2021 in the title of your content with the year 2022. This change you make in seconds allows you to save time. Time is money, right?

Examples of Evergreen Blog Content

  1. Social Media Explorer
  2. Mari Smith
  3. Small Business Trends
  4. David Meerman Scott
  5. Onedio (Turkish)
  6. HubSpot Blog
  7. DreamGrow
  8. SocialMedia.Biz
  9. MarketingProfs Daily Fix
  10. Social Media Examiner


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